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About Footloose Massage Center

        Experience a serene and relaxing atmosphere at Footloose Massage Center. Situated in the heart of downtown Eugene, Footloose's skilled professional staff offer full body massage, foot massage/reflexology and a variety of therapeutic foot treatments.

Mission Statement

        We are committed to giving compassionate touch from a foundation of integrity, respect, and a caring heart.

About our Foot Massage Therapies

        Customers are offered a comfortable sofa or plush chair to relax on. Taking off their shoes and rolling up their pant legs, clients can feel themselves melt with relaxation as their lower legs and feet are massaged. A pot of hot tea brewed specifically for them, with handcrafted dark chocolate treats, is available upon request.

Groups of up to nine people can be accommodated. A pot of hot tea can be brewed specifically for them upon request.

        The feet have over 7,000 nerve endings, which makes them very responsive to touch and pressure.

        This skilled touch and pressure causes the nervous system to decrease tension and release chemicals into the body that have a positive effect on the immune system and pain reduction.

        We believe that time spent on the feet is a vital part of your pro-active health plan. Our approach draws on the principles of reflexology and other powerful massage modalities.

About our Full Body Massage Therapies

        Each therapeutic massage is uniquely tailored to the needs of our clients. We offer a variety of techniques, including Swedish Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Fascial Manipulation, and many others. We are confident your session will be just right for you!

About Our Massage Therapists

        Selected from the most professional and best trained therapists available, our therapists are deeply committed to expertise, service, and effective therapeutic treatment. All therapists are licensed in the state of Oregon.

Scheduling Your Visit With Footloose

        New clients should arrive fifteen minutes prior to scheduled time to allow for registration. Foot therapy clients should wear loose fitting clothing, allowing access to the lower leg and foot.

        Please schedule in advance to ensure that you receive the appointment time you prefer. We welcome walk-ins and same day requests on a limited basis, depending on therapist availability. To ensure you get treated, call us ahead of time and book an appointment!

Please give 24-hour's advance notification in the event you need to cancel your appointment. Same day cancellations will be charged for missed appointments.

Insurance Customers

        If your insurance company covers massage therapy, please let us know when scheduling your appointment. We will obtain the necessary information for preauthorization of insurance coverage prior to your visit. Billing insurance companies is one of the many ways we provide outstanding service to our customers.