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Therapeutic Services

Warm Water Foot Soak

Ease your tired, sore feet into a beautiful, unique ceramic bowl filled with warm water. Each bowl was made especially for Footloose Massage Center by Julie Reisner Forster, a local potter. Small, polished river rocks are placed on the bottom of each bowl to provide a natural way to stimulate the reflex points on the bottoms of the feet. Soaking the feet in warm water helps to hydrate the tissues, relax the muscles, ligaments and tendons, and absorb the therapeutic properties of salts and oils.

Essential Oils

Distilled from plants, flowers, and herbs, essential oils have been used for centuries by healers and physicians. Footloose uses only therapeutic grade essential oils. We take into consideration each customer's specific needs when applying essential oils.


Dead Sea salts, which contain a high concentration of minerals, have been recognized since ancient times for their unique therapeutic qualities. The addition of Dead Sea salts in warm water is an effective way for the body to absorb these healing minerals, relieve achy muscles, and soften skin.

Salt Glow

Get ready for an invigorating foot rub! Dead Sea salts are blended with organic sunflower oil and therapeutic essential oils selected specifically for your individual needs. Your feet absorb the therapeutic properties of the essential oils, while your skin is exfoliated, invigorated and softened.

Paraffin Dip

Sit back and relax as your feet and /or hands enjoy the warming, therapeutic heat of a paraffin dip, infused with essential oils selected specifically for your needs. Warm paraffin treatments rejuvenate, hydrate and nourish skin. This gentle, penetrating heat is especially good for arthritic joints. Your hands and/or feet will be immersed within a warm paraffin layer, then warm gloves/booties will be slipped over that to improve heat retention.

(Paraffin treatments are not recommended under the following conditions: high blood pressure, loss of sensation in feet (peripheral neuropathy), open cuts and sores, or any other unusual foot/hand disorder.)

Corporate Chair Massage

Footloose Massage Center partners with local Eugene businesses to provide effective, efficient and skilled chair massage for staff members during their work day. Decreasing stress, treating muscular pain, and increasing energy help your company keep its competitive edge by contributing to the well-being and health of employees. We ask for a minimum of six (6) employee chair massages per visit. Click here for more information!

Group Massage Sessions

Whether formal or casual, events are sure to become memorable when celebrated at Footloose Massage Center. Click the link for information on group sessions that are sure to relax and nurture all who attend!. Click here for more information!

Full Body Massage

All Footloose Massage Center therapists are licensed in the State of Oregon. Our massage therapists are highly skilled professionals specializing in deep tissue, myofascial release, Swedish massage, pregnancy, trigger point, relaxation, and other massage therapies that are sure to meet our customers' needs.